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The Wealthy Woman helps people gain skills and take action to create wealth and improve their lives. We do this by providing the latest information on careers, personal finance, health and wellness, business, and relationships.

How do we define a wealthy person? A wealthy person/woman is a person who embodies all the things that are most important to them. The dictionary defines wealth or being wealthy as having an abundance of money, resources, and assets. We believe that a wealthy person has an abundance of the resources and assets that matter most to them. Of course, this often can and should include financial wealth, however, we believe that we can be people of wealth, long before we hit the (arbitrary) $1.9 million dollar benchmark that currently defines wealth. This benchmark is and will continue to be a moving target and your value can and should be defined only by you. In fact, at the Wealthy Woman, we believe that you are wealthy when you have the things that matter the most to you. We want to help you get there NOW.

why we do it

We’ve been there!

We used to not fully believe that we could live a wealthy life. The idea of a wealthy woman seemed so out of reach. Maybe that’s you too or maybe you feel like you’re already there. Either way, we want to help you build and grow a deeper and more meaningful idea of what being wealthy means.


The Wealthy Woman community is a community open to all. This means we roll out the red carpet to anyone who wants to make this their community, which includes women, men, trans, non-binary, and humans alike. We as a community value kindness, compassion and strive to achieve betterment not just for ourselves, but for our family, friends, communities, and all the amazingness that makes up our beautiful world. We believe that knowledge and wisdom are two of the most valuable assets you can acquire. When you combine them with taking the right actions and the support of a community of people who share your values, you can achieve anything. Are you ready to be truly wealthy? Come join us!


What they say

Carlee Kinnaman

Owner - Sugar Magnolia

Jackie is truly dedicated to helping people thrive. Not only is Jackie knowledgeable & professional but she is a delight to work with, I highly recommend her.

Kirsty Verity

Co-founder of REAL Coaching and Co-Creator of Amazing Selling Machine Accelerator

Working with Jackie for over three years has been an absolute pleasure and also very lucrative!

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